First, the conversation in after school. A young lady — I’ll call her Cynthia — told me about attending a Catholic school last year.

“Are you Catholic?” I asked.

“No, but my mom thought I’d get a better education there.”

We ended up talking about — of all things — the Ave Maria.

“We had to pray that several times a day,” she explained, rattling it off with the fluidity of a cradle Catholic.

I let her hear what it sounded like in Polish. We spoke some more, and then she left.

Second, in RCIA this evening, a guest speaker was talking about his conversion to Catholicism. Toward the end of the talk, he began telling of a friend (a former lawyer) who wanted to, in his words, “put the Bible on trial.” He spoke for some moments about this, and the whole time, from beginning to end, he looked directly at me.

Coincidence, I’m sure. Still, eerie.

Finally, the closing comment from the priest: “If you have any questions, perhaps you want to get a little deeper into things than we do here,” he explained, “Feel free to call any time.” Not a big deal, and certainly not even a coincidence: I’ve mentioned to him previously that I’d like to talk to him.

Still, to have all three happen in one day.

Coincidence.What are the odds? Apparently one hundred percent, and even writing about this makes me feel goofy, like the folks who see God’s hand in every little trivial thing that happens.

Still, that direct eye contact spooked me.


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