Religious License

Here in South Carolina, the Department of Transportation began issuing religious-themed license plates. They have stained glass, a cross, and the words “I believe.”


One guess as to what happened:

A federal judge says South Carolina must stop marketing and making license plates that feature the image of a cross and the words “I Believe.”

A federal judge issued a temporary injunction during a court hearing Thursday after opponents said the plates violate the separation of church and state.

U.S. District Judge Cameron McGowan Currie said the case needs to be heard in court. In the meantime, the judge said the Department of Motor Vehicles cannot take any more orders for the plates.

Department spokeswoman Beth Parks said the agency stopped taking orders more than a month ago, after it collected the 400 needed to cover the cost of making the plates. She said they are in production, and none has shipped. (AP)

I’m sure there are many in the state who are appalled by this. Just another example of those damn goddless bastards trying to destroy religion in America. That’s what the Andre Bauer, the Lt. Governor, says:

For those who say this violates the Constitution by giving preference to Christianity, I think this lawsuit clearly discriminates against persons of faith,” Bauer said in a statement. “I expect the state attorney general to vigorously defend this, and it is time that people stand up for their beliefs. Enough is enough.” (Harold Online, cached at Google)

plate2Yet how could anyone argue that it doesn’t give preference Christianity? There are no other freaking choices! I’d have gone for a FSM plate myself, but I don’t think my wife would have appreciated it.

Nate, at Shots from the Battery, really hits on the important issue, though:

I really wish we could sue the fundegelical state lawmakers who are forcing us taxpayers to bear the burden of the litigation they knew they were inviting. It’s a waste of $$ that the state taxpayers cannot afford. (SFTB)

Every morning going to work, it seems like I hear about the state making more and more budget cuts because of the falling tax revenue. South Carolina is predicted to have a stunning 14% unemployment rate by the spring, and these nitwits are out trying to make a mindless religious point.

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6 thoughts on “Religious License

  1. SCHotline says:

    We would like to post your column but your text is too grey to read, thanks

  2. Thud says:

    I think in Virginia interest groups can have their own special plates made if they can get enough orders to cover set-up production costs. The other associated costs are more than covered by the additional fees the license plates cost.

    I have no problem with “I Believe” Christian plates as long as that process — getting your own design — is reasonably open to everyone. If 400 wiccans can pay for Pentacle plates, more power to them.

    Sadly, though, I think the injunction means fewer chances to subvert the system. Here in Blacksburg yesterday, I saw a “Kids First” plate personalized with the message “EATTHE.” “Eat the Kids First.”

    Imagine what you could do with the very open-ended “I Believe” — especially since there’s no punctuation…

  3. Thud says:

    @SCHotline: I would like to read your website, but it is too busy and the type is too tiny, thanks

  4. Dennis says:

    I live here in Greenville and I suspect what might happen if I had a plate that said, “I Don’t Believe.”

  5. M. Talley says:

    My wife has a Silver FSM on her black Toyota Rav4. It’s absolutely beautiful.

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