They’ve Lost It

If they ever had it. Common sense, that is. Republicans see “politically motivated attempts to damage the [Republican party]” everywhere. Even when it’s a Republican-selected prosecutor:

After his investigation, Steven Branchflower, a former prosecutor hired by a Republican-controlled legislative committee, concluded that Monegan’s rebuff of the entreaties played a role in his firing but was not the only reason.

Palin’s supporters argued that the report, released less than four weeks from Election Day, was a politically motivated attempt to damage the Republican presidential ticket. The report initially had been due at the end of the month, but the Democrat managing the investigation said its release was moved to Oct. 10 so it would not come on the eve of the election. (

Shades of Kathleen Parker.

I’m so freaking sick of that — anything critical of the Republicans is just “politically motivated.” Yet this kind of crap is fine:

With Mr Obama leading in the polls and only 24 days to go before the US presidential election, the series of outbursts have sparked the interest of the Secret Service, which guards the candidates and other dignitaries.

They launched a brief investigation after a man was heard – but not recorded – by several journalists shouting “kill him”, when Mrs Palin, the Republican vice-presidential nominee, was speaking of Mr Obama’s links to Bill Ayers, a former domestic terrorist who is now a professor in Chicago. The two men sat together on educational committees but have rarely been in contact for six years.

Before a rally in Pennsylvania this week, local Republican leader Bill Platt warmed up the crowd by several times referring to “Barack Hussein Obama,” focusing on the Illinois senator’s middle name, trying to highlight his differences with other Americans.

When John McCain asked “Who is the real Barack Obama?”, a supporter shouted back: “He is a bomb.”

Chants of “Nobama, Nobama” mingled with cries of “terrorist,” as one banner in the crowd declared: “Go ahead, let the dogs out.” (

Astounding: was it a political rally or a potential lynch mob?

They might as well have said, “Turn the dogs loose on that darky socialist pink commie bastard, boys!”

A comment on the Post piece pretty much sums up how I feel about McCain now: “Well that’s the end of her political career. Now McSame has no where to go. Just think this was a man I use [sic] to respect. Now with all of his hate motivated rallies leaves him with shame. HOW SAD.”

And just below it:

Remember to Win Back America:

Last census
Whites=80.2% of population
Blacks=12.8% of population

Proof positive that this is bringing out the worst honesty in people. And here are two videos to prove it:

The McCain-Palin Mob in Strongsville, Ohio, Part I

The McCain-Palin Mob in Strongsville, Ohio, Part II

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3 thoughts on “They’ve Lost It

  1. The video, unfortunately, is not all that surprising. The one lady is obviously playing it up for the camera, but not realizing that she’s all along making the interviewer’s point. And the bloodline and name comments are disturbing, but again, not really surprising. Fear can be a powerful thing, and when you can use it a political weapon, you can accomplish much. Look at Hitler.

  2. Thud says:

    The “so-and-so is just a opportunistic liberal politically motivated attack” has been a defense of neoconservative politics at least through the bush years. When Paul O’Neil spoke with Suskind and they wrote “the Price of Loyalty,” he got smacked with that in 2004. Richard Clarke got the same treatment. So did Scott McClellan. Step off-message and you’re immediately slimed as an opportunistic elitist socialist.

  3. G. Scott says:

    Your Hitler comparison is a good point, Sean. No, I am in no way suggesting that McCain is similar to Hitler in anyway, but the stress on nationalism and the outright vilification of the opposition is indeed somewhat similar to what happened in Germany.

    I find the McClellan example most bothersome, Thud, because it means that the neoconservative view is so invincible in their minds that even a loyal insider instantly loses all credibility the moment he criticizes the neocon establishment. That’s where I feel the most frustration toward neocons. You cannot converse with anyone who can never admit to being wrong.

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