Conspiracy and Epidemiology

It’s old news, I know, but for some reason, I began thinking about Jeremiah Wright’s claim that AIDS was created by the United States government as a means of genocide. It struck me as a particularly racist thing to say — not “reverse racist” but good old fashioned black-hating/stereotyping racism.

Consider: AIDS, for the most part, is spread by voluntary actions. It is easily preventable, and it’s possible to live a life 99.999% free of any risk of infection. This makes AIDS an awfully ineffective way to wipe out a race. It depends on free will and choice, and that’s often fairly unpredictable in large groups of people.

If, however, you could predict someone’s actions, then you might have a decent chance at creating the genocidal epidemic you’re looking for. If you know that John Doe comes home every day and mixes a martini, you can poison the olives and be fairly certain about Doe’s fate.

So such a conspiracy depends on accurately predicting the actions of black Americans as a group.

And what is one stereotype of all targets of xenophobia? That they breed like rabbits. Indeed, one deragotory term for black Americans is involves just that.

That is how Wright’s remark is an insult to all black Americans. It assumes that they will, by their very nature, be promiscuous without any form of protection and use drugs.

Sounds like something a KKK Grand Whatever would say…


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