Is Obama an enlightened being?

Is Obama an enlightened being? / Spiritual wise ones say: This sure ain’t no ordinary politician. You buying it?
Is Obama an enlightened being?

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2 thoughts on “Is Obama an enlightened being?

  1. buckblog says:

    Enlightened? No, just someone who has mastered the art of the teleprompter. It’s easy to know it all and act as the dispensor of all wisdom when you have never been responsible for results.

    Should he actually become president he’ll find the real world doesn’t work according to idealism.

  2. Thud says:

    Obama’s been working in the real world for quite some time now — from community organizing to the state senate to the US Congress. And I’m inclined to believe that nothing ever changes without idealism at least as a starting point. Pessimism certainly hasn’t accomplished anything for me.

    “Hope” is not a strategy, but it is a useful frame of mind. Since Obama ran a sharp, smart, well-orchestrated political campaign that’s impressed organizers and marketers alike, I don’t think he’s one to rely on idealism alone.

    As far as being a “Lightworker” is concerned, well, I’m not real sure how to interpret that. Sounds to me like the liberal equivalent of “George Bush has a mission from God.” I’ll be satisfied with him doing a good job.

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