Sunday Morning Suprise

This morning I changed our Geico insurance from North to South Carolina. Previously, I’d been fairly pleased with Geico. We were paying just over $300 for six months’ coverage — more than reasonable, I thought. A great deal, in fact.

Moving to SC, however, would bring about higher rates. How much higher?

Geico’s quote was $690 — an increase of 122%!

“Time for insurance shopping,” I thought. First call — Nationwide. $440, or an increase of 41%. Still a significant increase, but certainly more reasonable.

Any suggestions for insurance companies that might offer better rates?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Suprise

  1. mes says:

    I’ve seen “Progressive” advertized on TV. You might want to look into them. We use “Farmers” but they are not available in SC.

  2. gls says:

    Actually, we found Traveller’s to be great! Just about $40 more than what we’re paying at Geico here in NC.

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