NYT on Bush Nomination

The New York Times says the following of Harriet Miers, Bush’s nomination for Supreme Court:

In choosing Ms. Miers as his nominee, Mr. Bush once again signaled the importance he places on personal loyalty and familiarity. Ms. Miers has served in a number of posts for the president, and at one point was his personal lawyer.

That’s a nice way of saying, “Bush’s primary method of chosing nominees depends -heavily- exclusively on cronyism to the point of ignoring
a complete lack of experience.”

Unfortunately, we’d have to live with Miers’ lack of experience a bit longer that we lived (and people in New Orleans died) with other appointees’ lack of experience, should she be confirmed.

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3 thoughts on “NYT on Bush Nomination

  1. Nina says:

    It was a terrible choice. No one appears to favor this nomination. The sad thing is that Bush received so much criticism from his conservative friends that the next one, the Miers replacement, is likely to be a lot worse and more skilled at being “worse.”

  2. Gary says:

    Yeah—that’s the amazing thing. He’s taking more heat from his friends on this one than from Democrats.

    I swear, lately the man just can’t do anything right.

  3. Gruby says:

    Leaders are rarely the most inteligent individuals in the group. Anyway – I think that’s better for everyone – there is no topic to be discussed – that’s the essence of power … 😉

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